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  • 圖片展示


    1.Meet the basic conditions of the legal person and be familiar with the local market;

    2. Have a certain business philosophy and long-term development intention;

    3.Recognize the brand culture and concept of Ge Er, and be able to consciously maintain the brand image of GORL

    4.Can decorate the shop according to the unified VI system;

    5.Willing to sign the franchise distribution agreement and abide by the relevant provisions of the agreement;

    6.The operating area of the store requires more than 50 square meters;


    Meet the basic conditions of the legal person and be familiar with the local market;


    Have a certain business philosophy and long-term development intention;


    Recognize the brand culture and concept of Ge Er, and be able to consciously maintain the brand image of GORL



    Large enterprise size
    It has spread all over the world's major cities and opened 28 direct-operated stores, becoming the most influential professional wedding photography chain leadership brand in the country.
    Core team, strong guarantee.
    20 senior elite planners, 350 ace host teams, 220 professional photographer teams, and national top ten makeup teams.
    Team Personalization Service
    The one-to-one wedding consultant system(team) planning service provides intimate services throughout the day to create a truly high-quality wedding.
    Design advantage
    It has a group of advanced technical elites and high-quality employees. It is the first in China to design and use modules in space. It is a supplier of domestic small-sized and bedroom space utilization solutions, and a creator of the design industry in China. Ge Erzhi changed the space furniture series products invisible bed N +1 random group, to solve more small users dream of a dream to become two rooms.

    Product Advantages

    1)High-quality substrate, environmentally friendly and durable Grade E standard environmental protection substrate, to ensure that the finish surface heat, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, cracking resistance, and the cabinet body is not damp, sealing edge does not fall off, more environmentally friendly and healthy.
     2) Fashion appearance, the perfect storage design is novel, beautiful and generous, there are different design style main body selection, with the needs of the household design, so that the use of space and storage effects to use. Improved living space for housing.
     3)Flexible collocation, personality space incorporates the concept of high-use space design, rich level and multi-functional thoughtful design, fashion science, creative extraordinary, arbitrary, one room into two rooms, with your combination, to meet personality needs, to create a high quality for the housing Individual living space.
    4)Patent Hardware, Innovation Design Institute adopts hardware patent design products, both in design and use are in line with the convenience of life, with excellent quality, excellent and innovative design, so that space storage and utilization to provide strong technical support.

    Store advantage

    We have changed the market situation of large shops and small duplex used by many brands. We use the tactics of "small shop, multi-net shop, low cost" to correspond to the high management fees, high requirements, and high rental rates of many furniture stores today. We hope to give the dealer an advantage and give our consumers an advantage. At the same time, the sales generated by our network promotion are served by distributors in the region. Shops not only sell, display and service, so that we will form the online and offline connectivity of the advantage of the whole party!

    Service advantage
    A 24-hour national free telephone consultation service was established. The Geerzhi Space Furniture Company is a company with a strong sense of social responsibility and national mission. It has always adhered to customer-centered, market-oriented, innovated, and led the industry forward. development. In terms of after-sale; Ensure that post-sale problems occur within 2 hours and are resolved within 24 hours. The principle is: solve the problem first, and then pursue responsibility. Making people's lives healthier, greener and more energy-efficient.


    1.Zero membership fee,free sample

    2.File margin, one-stop service


    3.Business start-up support

    A、Opening of a gift package worth 10,000 yuan;
    B、Free business guidance and follow-up services;
    C、Free to provide shop decoration graphic design, shop drawings, effect drawings, etc.. 
    D、Free supply of sample products;
    E、Free sample installation;
    F、Provide sample jewelry free of charge;
    G、Free to provide leaflet, business card design template;
    H、Certificate of free supply of products;
     I、Provide free professional training such as guide etiquette, sales skills, product knowledge, etc..
    J、Provide free guide book, product knowledge materials.


    4.Marketing support

    A、The company regularly plans brand promotion activities;
    B、Implement incentive policies: Complete annual sales quota and refund the full amount of the bond;
    C、Major festivals, anniversary celebrations, the company will be targeted to plan the program of activities, big promotion activities;
    D、Regularly diagnose storefront sales, operations, management, service ability, and solve problems.
    E、Set up professional after-sales service department to solve the problems encountered in the process of product sales and installation.
    F、Free outdoor advertising, elevator entrance advertising and other design solutions;
    G、To achieve O2O into profit mode, the company has multiple network direct marketing platform promotion marketing, realization: network online, offline synchronization;
    H、Central designer mode;


    5.Advertising support

    A、National advertisements are put into place by the company's general manager(the promotion model of WeChat, Weibo, and Internet coverage);

    B、Advertising covering multiple agency areas is jointly launched by franchisees and companies at a ratio of 50:50;  

    C、Advertisations in individual specialty stores shall be implemented in accordance with the policy of advertising subsidies.




    1.Fill out / submit

    Join the application, 10 steps to easily join the song

    2.Join negotiations

    Determination of intention to cooperate

    3.Honesty Gold 10000RMB

    The same area is based on the prioritization of shops, which will be refunded in full.

    4.Headquarters to assist in site selection

    Shop location analysis, submit shop floor plan to headquarters


    Qualified to sign a contract for a specialty store and pay a deposit

    6.Store Design

    Sample Order / Production, Shop Construction, Staff Training

    7.Repair and inspection

    Sample installation, store display

    8.Store acceptance

    Store acceptance

    9.Opening plan development

    Opening plan development

    10.Official opening

    Official opening



       Sweep the code

     Office location:No.69 WenHua Rd,RongGui,Shunde District,FoShan City,GuangDong Province,China

    TEL:0086-0757-23610211    0086-13825518824     E-mail:gorlsales02@163.com


    Technical support:bchost

      Copyright ? 2019 GORL FURNITURE CO.,LTD All rights reserved 粵ICP備10212313號

    Service Center

    Please choose online customer service to communicate

    Work hours
    Monday through Friday.
    Scan a QR Code
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